Advanced Security Engineering, Research
& Training

Fuzzinglabs is a cybersecurity startup specializing in vulnerability research, fuzzing, and blockchain security. We are providing highly technical courses and we are building custom security tools and products on-demand.

Security Audits

Dedicated to vulnerability research and auditing, we expertly analyze and fuzz compilers, VMs, servers, nodes, and protocols, ensuring integrity and compliance at multiple layers.

Blockchain Security

We improve the security of blockchain protocol ecosystems (L1/L2) written in Rust, Go, and Python by developing custom fuzzing and security tools.

Training & Online Courses

Improve your software security skills (audit, fuzzing, reverse, etc.) during private on-site training or through our flexible and self-paced online courses.

Cryptocurrency Investigations & Forensics

Discover our on-premise Blockchain OSINT platform for precise wallet profiling and deanonymization, complemented by our specialized consulting services.

Telecom Security

We improve the security landscape of 4G, VoLTE & 5G  by finding vulnerabilities in both network elements and basebands using our in-house black-box fuzzer.

Security Engineering

We are providing custom software development such as fuzzers, disassemblers, decompilers, static analyzers & others for complex software vulnerability research.

Hardware Security

We are currently developing multiple hardware fuzzing solutions allowing us to fuzz netlist and Hardware Description Language such as VHDL & Verilog.

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Fuzzing & Security Trainings

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fuzzinglabs training course online patrick ventuzelo interface
fuzzinglabs training course online patrick ventuzelo interface