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Open-source projects

Security Analysis tool for WebAssembly module (wasm) and Blockchain Smart Contracts (BTC/ETH/NEO/EOS) – link

Cairo/Starknet bytecode analyzer, disassembler & decompilerlink

Cairo/Starknet smart contract fuzzer – link

Open-source fuzzing framework for Ethereum 2.0 (Eth2) clients/implementations

WebAssembly Runtimes Fuzzing project – Improving security and resilience of WebAssembly VMs/runtimes/parsers using fuzzing – link

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Telecom 4G/VoLTE/5G Fuzzer

Our fuzzer is the perfect solution for telecom manufacturers, providers, and any company looking to secure their 4G/VoLTE/5G network elements.

With the growing demand for 5G technology comes the need for rigorous testing and auditing of network components. Our fuzzer is designed to generate both valid and invalid data traffic, allowing for the discovery of deep and complex bugs.

The key feature of our fuzzer is its support for multiple 5G protocols such as GTP, NGAP, PFCP, and HTTP/2, as well as 4G protocols like SIP and Diameter. This makes our fuzzer a powerful tool for testing 5G SA (standalone) and 5G NSA (non-standalone) networks.

What sets our fuzzer apart from others on the market is its deterministic nature. This means that our fuzzer is able to reproduce the crashing state of a network element, making it easy to locate and fix bugs. Our fuzzer is also capable to attack multiple components at the same time allowing simulation of attacks like denial of service (DoS).

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