Full-time/Internship in Cybersecurity


You must reside in French territory.

About us

Fuzzinglabs is a cybersecurity startup specializing in vulnerability research, fuzzing, and blockchain security. We offer highly technical services and training as well as customized security tools and product development on demand.

Job Description

Fuzzinglabs is looking for passionate individuals in offensive security to expand its team. Whether for an internship or a full-time position, if you have a curious mind and an interest in vulnerability research, this opportunity is for you.

Here are some areas you could contribute to based on your profile:

  • Consulting: You will participate in security audits and fuzzing tests on different blockchains. You will explore potential security vulnerabilities and contribute to strengthening system resilience.
  • Tool Development: You will be involved in designing and implementing custom security tools for our clients. This could include fuzzers, code generators, automation for vulnerability research, static analysis tools, symbolic execution tools, and more.
  • Research and Development (R&D): You will have the opportunity to contribute to research and development projects on various topics such as Android, Linux Kernel, EBPF, hardware, vulnerability research in 4G/5G/VoLTE telecommunication networks, browsers, and more. The R&D topic can be discussed during interviews.
  • Training: You will be involved in preparing and presenting state-of-the-art topics as well as designing training materials. You will participate in creating educational content and designing exercises for our FuzzingLabs Academy.

Desired Profiles

We are looking for individuals with the following skills and qualities:

  • Relevant Experience: We value candidates with experience in their passionate domains, demonstrating commitment and prior knowledge.
  • CTF Experience: Some experience in CTF competitions demonstrates the ability to creatively solve security problems.
  • Basic Knowledge of Rust/Go/Python: Basic programming language knowledge in Rust, Go, or Python is appreciated.
  • Autonomy: We are seeking self-driven individuals who can take initiative and work independently while being collaborative team members.

If you identify with the idea of tackling cybersecurity challenges and contributing to vulnerability research, join Fuzzinglabs for an enriching experience.

Send your resume to In the email, briefly discuss your experiences, motivations, and topics that interest you.

You must reside in French territory to apply for this job.

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