We offers a wide-range of fuzzing security services as well as WebAssembly and Rust development to clients. We offer clients services to help develop and secure their own products, including trainings to boost employee qualification, design audits, as well as vulnerability assessments, blackbox analysis and competitor analysis. Services that we offer, but are not limited to, include:


  • WebAssembly Module analysis & optimization
  • Bytecode (de)-obfuscation
  • WebAssembly Module vulnerability research
  • Custom WebAssembly VM implementation 
  • C/C++/Rust/Go projects security audits


  • Compilation to WebAssembly
  • Nodejs application development
  • WebAssembly Benchmarking
  • WebAssembly module integration
  • WebAssembly Virtual Machine development
  • Smart contract analysis (Ethereum, EOS)


  • WebAssembly security tools
  • WebAssembly module fuzzers
  • Cryptominer detection rules (YARA, Snort)
  • Web-Browsers fuzzers (V8, WebKit, Firefox)
  • WebAssembly VM & interpreter fuzzers
  • Rustlang custom fuzzers


We offer the world’s first WebAssembly Security training in 4 or 5 days format. For Rustlang Security training, only 2 days are required. Customization of the training is possible, but need to be request as soon as possible.

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