Reversing Ewasm contract 101 - EthCC 2020

I just gave a talk/workshop today (03/2020) at EthCC 2020 (Paris – France), about reversing Ewasm (Ethereum flavored WebAssembly) smart contract.

In this talk, I briefly introduce WebAssembly concepts , Ewasm specificity and opcodes/instructions. Secondly, I show how to create Ewasm smart contract and expose different techniques/tools to perform WebAssembly module closed-source analysis. Finally, we go through some basic examples to apply reversing (reverse engineering) on those Ewasm contracts and understand the logic inside.

Slides of the talk is available here and code examples are available directly on my github.

Just a quick reminder, if you are interested about WebAssembly security (from both reversing and fuzzing point of view), my next publics trainings will be in:

  • Rust training | 27 – 28 August 2020 | 💻 Remote ==> Live training.
  • WebAssembly training | 27 – 30 September 2020 | 💻 Remote ==> SHACK/WhiskeyCon.
  • Online/On-site private trainings ==> here.

For consulting, WebAssembly or Rust security private trainings, please DM me on Twitter/LinkedIn or use the following contact form. Thanks

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