Introduction to Fuzzing Rust code

For the moment, this introduction to Rust fuzzing contains 2 modules but more will come in the future. If you want to learn even more, I invite you to check my Rust security Audit and Fuzzing online course.

1. Fuzzing Rust library using cargo fuzz / libfuzzer

In this course, I will first select a popular Rust library and identify the most interesting methods for rust fuzz testing. Then, I’ll explains how to use cargo fuzz (libfuzzer rust fuzzer) to generate rust fuzzing targets and how to customize them. Finally, I’ll show how to run the fuzzer and explain some particularity of cargo fuzz.

2. Fuzzing Rust code using honggfuzz

In this second course, I will use the famous honggfuzz rust fuzzer to find bugs inside the ical rust crate library. I will first identify some interesting methods to fuzz and then write some fuzzing targets. Finally, I’ll run the fuzzer and analyze one of the bug triggered.

You will get access of the complete tutorial with source code, cheatsheet and video right here.

I hope you will appreciate and you can discover more about my courses here.

Thank You,

Patrick Ventuzelo / @Pat_Ventuzelo

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