Introduction to Fuzzing Golang code

1. Fuzzing Go package using go-fuzz & libfuzzer

In this course, I will first select a popular Golang library and identify the most interesting methods to fuzz. Then, I’ll explains how to use go-fuzz and libfuzzer to compile the fuzzing target. Finally, I’ll show how to run the fuzzer.

2. How I found 3 bugs inside Google's Go codebase using Fuzzing?

In this second Go fuzzing course, I will use the famous go-fuzz fuzzer to find bugs inside the official debug/efl library. I will first identify one interesting method to fuzz and then write a fuzzing harness. Finally, I’ll run the fuzzer and show you some of the bugs triggered.

You will get access of the complete tutorial with source code, cheatsheet and or complete video tutorial right below or at this address.

I hope you will appreciate and you can discover more about my courses here.

Thank You,

Patrick Ventuzelo / @Pat_Ventuzelo

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