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Patrick Ventuzelo

Founder | Security Researcher

Patrick Ventuzelo is a French Independent Security Researcher specialized in vulnerability research, fuzzing, reverse engineering and program analysis.

Patrick is the author of Octopus, an open-source security analysis tool supporting WebAssembly and multiple Blockchain smart contracts bytecode to help researchers perform closed-source analysis. He also has recently developed WARF, another open-source fuzzing project to find bugs inside WebAssembly VMs/runtimes/parsers using different fuzzing techniques. In partnership with SigmaPrime, he also developed beaconfuzz, An open-source fuzzing framework for Ethereum 2.0 Clients that found dozens of bugs last year.


In his previous roles, Patrick did malware analysis at Airbus D&S Cybersecurity, Android vulnerability research at the French Department Of Defense, telecom pentest at P1 Security, and Blockchain security R&D for Quoscient GmbH.

Patrick is a regular speaker and trainer at various security conferences around the globe, including HITB, RingZer0REcon Montreal, ToorCon, hack.lu, NorthSec, REcon Brussels, SSTIC, FIRST, Microsoft DCC, BlackAlps, etc.

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