Dive deep into the blockchain ecosystem, unveiling vulnerabilities and strengthening defenses with our premier fuzzing technology.

We offers a wide-range of blockchain security fuzzing services & consulting to improve client’s security and vulnerability research skills. We help them develop and secure their own products, including online trainings/courses to boost employee qualification, security audits, as well as blockchain vulnerability assessments and blackbox analysis. Services that we offer, but are not limited to, include:

Open-source & Security Engineering

We are dedicated to building blockchain security open source tools because open source software allows for transparency and collaboration among developers, which helps to ensure the security and reliability of blockchain systems. Additionally, open source tools allow for greater accessibility and inclusivity in the blockchain community.

Security Analysis tool for WebAssembly module (wasm) and Blockchain Smart Contracts (BTC/ETH/NEO/EOS) – link

Cairo/Starknet bytecode analyzer, disassembler & decompilerlink

Cairo/Starknet smart contract fuzzer – link

Open-source fuzzing framework for Ethereum 2.0 (Eth2) clients/implementations

WebAssembly Runtimes Fuzzing project – Improving security and resilience of WebAssembly VMs/runtimes/parsers using fuzzing – link

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  • Custom fuzzers development (Rust, Go, etc.)
  • Blockchain L1/L2 software fuzzers
  • Custom security tools development (disassembler, decompiler, fuzzer, analyzer, etc.)
  • WebAssembly module fuzzers & tools
  • Browser crypto wallet audits


  • Blockchain L1/L2 security audit and fuzzing
  • Rust & Go projects security audits and fuzzing
  • WebAssembly Module analysis, optimization and deobfuscation
  • On-demand vulnerability research 


  • Rust Security Audit and Fuzzing
  • WebAssembly Reversing and Dynamic Analysis
  • C/C++ WhiteBox Fuzzing
  • Golang Security Audit and Fuzzing
  • Practical Web Browser Fuzzing

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These bugs were found while working and developing fuzzing for Starkware.

  • [Python] starkware-libs/cairo-lang – 1 issue
  • [Go] NethermindEth/juno – 2 issues
  • [Rust] lambdaclass/cairo-rs – 2 issues

These bugs were found while working and developing beacon-fuzz for SigmaPrime and the Ethereum Fondation.

These bugs were found while working and developing fuzzing for Aleo.